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What is Natural Medicine?

Turn your love of natural health and healing into a career with many options.

Natural medicine covers a range of disciplines within complementary health with a holistic approach, including nutritional medicine, western herbal medicine and naturopathy.

Firmly embedded in these disciplines are health science subjects including anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, pathology, symptomatology, diagnosis and pharmacology and are taught through our various courses.

Specialist subjects such as advanced nutritional medicine, applied naturopathic principles and herbal medicine therapeutics teach students discipline-specific skills.

The courses come as an exciting development for ACNT and are brought to us from our sister college, the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT), which has been delivering natural therapies courses for over 50 years.

The new courses meet the requirements of a rigorous accreditation process, ensuring strength of curriculum, teaching and facilities and are accredited through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is an umbrella term that encompasses many forms of complementary and natural medicine modalities. There are two key disciplines within naturopathy: nutrition and herbal medicine. Additionally most naturopaths are trained in the basics of homoeopathy. Our Naturopathy courses cover a wide range of subject topics including chemistry, biochemistry, pathology, symptomatology, diagnosis and pharmacology.
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What is Western Herbal Medicine?

Western Herbal Medicine aims to promote health and restore balance in disease. Students are trained in the use of herbal medicines using a combination of ancient wisdom and modern scientific methods. In these courses you will learn how to treat a wide variety of health complaints; how to work capably in clinical practice; as well as how to work in cooperation with a wide variety of other health care professionals. Upon completion you will be a specialist herbalist with more in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine than a stand-alone naturopath.
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What is Nutritional Medicine?

These comprehensive courses incorporate advanced training in nutrition and diet related fields, health sciences, diagnostics and treatment modalities. Some of the areas covered include nutritional management of renal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine and immune disorders; palliative care, pregnancy and pediatrics; diagnostic laboratory techniques, symptomatology and diagnosis, and counselling.
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What career opportunities are available to me?

Natural therapies is an expanding industry and the demand for qualified, skilled practitioner is high. Career paths are varied and always interesting and you’re certain to find a field within the industry that inspires you. Just a few of the most popular career paths in the industry include:

  • Naturopath
  • Natural Medicine Practitioner
  • Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
  • Herbalist
  • Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner

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