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We are very excited to introduce The Learning Portal to all ACNT students. Our Academic Department is always looking for ways to make your studying experience at ACNT informative, flexible and easy, and most importantly fun. The development of myACNT has integrated online learning with class-room learning and distance education. Here you can complete modules and courses completely independent of any class room, but you can also access the wide range of resources that are only available online.

  • The Learning Portal is designed to provide a wide range of online-based student support such as:
  • Studying modules completely on-line (such as free and general interest modules)
  • Downloading module outlines, course syllabi, Module notes, etc

Accessing ACNT College calendar

  • Free Bulletin board service for students to connect socially and academically. The Learning Portal allows students to view course materials online so students can access them from anywhere in the world. It also serves to connect Distance Education students with each other and the on-campus students.

ACNT encourages you to log-on to The Learning Portal as a first step in answering any questions that you may have in regards to your learning.

How to Log On

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If you are having difficulty or have questions with the course material, are having difficulties with a technical issue, lost or forgotten your password, or have any other questions regarding your studies your contact is the Distance Education Student Support team.

Sydney Student Services
Phone 1300 738 243
Email Address

Brisbane Student Services
Phone 07 3270 1000
Email Address

Online Student Services
Phone 1300 194 901

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